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10:35pm 25/10/2002
mood: excited
who's going tomorrow then?

me me me!
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06:42pm 21/06/2002
  What on earth am I going to wear, dearests?
[Plural of dearest. I like it.]
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11:52pm 03/06/2002
  Goodness, people - you really must post more! I am starting a campaign to get 'Worked Up So Sexual', by The Faint, played this month. Who is with me?  
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03:26pm 10/05/2002
  I love this, splendid idea *worship for david & alex*

although I clicked on the 'simon price' interest and was disappointed to find the only other link is dead *sigh*

Can't come to this month, but I'm looking forward to june more than anything...wanna meet Nat & Idil, raaaaa

Can you tell I'm trying to put off doing anything productive?
love & stardust
xxxxxx e
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04:51pm 07/05/2002
  "indie that isn't shit" - heehee.

Anyway, hello everyone! *waves* What a community of goodness this is.
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dear mavis 
10:10pm 06/05/2002